Hack by the Sea

Bring your creativity, curiosity and passion to Ventura County's first hackathon. A hackathon is a coding event in which teams "hack" together to create an awesome project like a game, website, or app. Team up with some of the brightest minds in Ventura County to turn energy and free food into awesome prize-winning projects!

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You must be a student participating in the VCOE Hackathon by the Sea. 



Hacks can be software, hardware, or a combination of both. 


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Tiffany Morse

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Marc Netka
STS Education

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Paula Hodge
South Central Coast Regional Consortium

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Bryce Check
Hacker Fund

Judging Criteria

  • Idea
    Is this idea innovative? Is it impactful? Is it inspiring? Is it creative?
  • Execution
    Is this project functional? Did the demo support the idea? Does the final project convey the vision? How much effort was put into this?